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Une Lettre

Power of Words

The other day in our French class, we had to write an imaginary letter to a pen-pal. Here is what I wrote 🙂

L’autre jour dans notre cours de français, nous avons dû écrire une lettre imaginaire à un correspondant. Voici ce que j’ai écrit 🙂 

Chère Brigitte,

C’est avec beaucoup de plaisir que le lis ta lettre! J’attendais ta lettre depuis longtemps.
Je passe mon année avec confiance, mais avec beaucoup de stress aussi!
Quant à ta question, non, je n’ai pas beaucoup de soucis au sujet des contrôles, mais je suis un peu nerveuse. J’aurai trois contrôles: l’anglais, le français, et les maths. Je n’aime pas les maths, et c’est tres dur! Mais, je pense que je vais réussir.

Oui, je mérite vraiment de longues vacances. Et toi?
Moi, je vais étudier à l’université l’année prochaine aussi. Je veux devenir avocat quand j’aurai fini ma licence. J’ai une idee de ce que je voudrais faire plus tard dans la vie. Je pense que je travaillerai plus dur.

J’attends ta lettre.

Kylie  🙂


Global Warming (English Enquête)

global_warming_by_teabingFor French class this term, we studied global warming and the effect it is having on the world. We also studied the ways we can fix this problem. Reflecting back on the project, I think it’s safe to say that I learned a great amount of new things about global warming. I’ve always been interested in protecting and respecting the environment, but I hadn’t really studied in depth just how to do that. Doing this study helped me to learn more about an issue I’m very interested in. After all, this world we live in is precious, and we should everything we can to make it healthier and safer, not just for humans, but also for the millions of animals that could go extinct if action is not taken.

During this study we did several different projects, including a list of expressions and words to do with global warming, a short oral presentation, and a 150-200-word brochure. I thought it was a great idea to do lots of little projects rather than one big one, as then the workload was easier to manage. Personally, my favourite part of this global warming study was writing the brochure, as it provided a useful way to condense all the information I’d learned into a few small pages, and it was also a lot of fun to design.

One very interesting thing I discovered was how much France and other French-speaking nations are doing to end global warming. I learnt a lot of my information about France’s international actions on global warming from this very helpful document:

Bernard Kouchner, the French Minister of Foreign and European Affairs has said ‘We want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.’ France is working hard to reduce their carbon emissions through new technology, green buildings and green eating, and is encouraging the rest of the world to do the same. I didn’t realise how much France is actually doing to stop global warming, and I thought that was a really interesting thing to learn.

Overall, I really enjoyed this study, because I’m interested in global warming and helping to save the planet, and I learnt a lot about how to do that.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Ma Journée

This is me on a busy day.

Me on a busy day.

Today in French we wrote about what we usually do on a busy day. Here is mine:

Je me lève à 7 heures. Je me lave puis mange mon petit-déjeuner. Je vais à l’école à 8h. Je travaille. À midi, je mange mon déjeuner, c’est generallement un sandwich. L’aprés-midi, j’ai deux heures de musique à l’école.
Puis, je rentre à la maison à 5h30. Je faire mes devoirs jusqu’à 19h. Puis, je mange mon dîner avec ma famille. Je lis un roman pendant trente minutes. Puis, je vais au lit à dix heures.
C’est une longue journée!

À bientôt!