Star Trek: Into Darkness (Quick Review)

Star Trek Into Darkness Poster 1

The past weekend my brother and I went to see the new Star Trek movie. I admit, for someone who loved the first Star Trek movie and the original series, I saw this one a little later than I probably should have, but I’m very glad I got to see this at the movies, because
I understand people are usually busy, so here’s a bite-sized review for all of you 🙂 If you just want to read my conclusion, then skip the end of this post.
Also, a warning, some very minor spoilers follow below, so if you haven’t seen the movie, you’ve been warned.

(from left) Zachary Quinto as Spock, Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison, and Chris Pine as Kirk

(from left) Zachary Quinto as Spock, Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison, and Chris Pine as Kirk

A mysterious bad guy (Benedict Cumberbatch) begins terrorising The Federation and killing lots of innocent people. Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) discover he is hiding on a distant Klingon planet, and promptly go to kick his butt with a bunch of giant torpedoes. Of course, none of that goes to plan …

The acting is pretty great across the board – Simon Pegg is absolutely hilarious as Scotty, and Benedict Cumberbatch absolutely steals the show as the mysterious, terrifying John Harrison, later known as Khan (trekkies should definitely remember that guy). Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine reprise their roles and are both excellent and believable as their characters.

The music is suitably epic in action scenes and suitably gentle in quieter scenes. I really like Michael Giacchino as a composer anyway; he always writes quite orchestral, epic scores that suit the movie really well.

In terms of the screenplay and dialogue, everything is pretty well-written, although the dialogue comes off a bit corny occasionally, to the point of it almost being cringe-worthy. However, all of Benedict Cumberbatch’s speeches are very well-written and he delivers them excellently.

The story is pretty awesome, although trekkies should know that this movie comes close to being a remake of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. One scene involving Kirk and Spock, in particular, is almost word for word a remake of a classic scene in The Wrath of Khan, but with Kirk and Spock’s places reversed. The scene (which for spoilers sakes I won’t write here) will probably annoy the hell out of die-hard trekkies, but some people will be fine with it and others won’t even get the reference.
If you really want to know what happens, go here. (Major Spoiler Alert). And to watch the original scene in Wrath of Khan, go here. (Also major spoiler alert).

By far the best thing about Star Trek: Into Darkness are the SFX and the action scenes. A great deal of the film is built around these stunning set pieces, and they really do not disappoint. Even my brother, who is not at all a Star Trek fan, had to admit that one of the best things about the movie were the special effects. In particular two scenes are jaw-dropping:

The opening scene involving Spock and an active volcano, which is simply incredible:

Volcano Opening Scene

And the awesometacular scene involving a crashing Starfleet starship (sweet mother of god):

Enterprise Crash
To sum it all up …
Fans of the 2009 Star Trek will enjoy. Fans of epic action scenes will enjoy. Fans of the original Star Trek series will likely enjoy. Hell, even if you don’t like Star Trek you’ll probably enjoy the awesome special effects and Benedict Cumberbatch’s outstanding performance.
If you haven’t seen Star Trek: Into Darkness yet, then you are seriously missing out.
See ya next time!