Le Japon en France

'Tartare de saumon' de Magokoro (Source)

Tartare de saumon, de restaurant Magokoro à Paris (Source)

What I find fascinating about Japanese culture is its popularity worldwide, and how far it has spread in the last decade or so. In the past few years, Japanese food, art, and film have become more and more popular worldwide. You may have noticed Japanese-style restaurants becoming more frequent around your city (I can certainly say I have!), and nowhere has this been more apparent than on the streets of Paris.

Tofu vapeur au sésame noir, de Magokoro (Source)

Tofu vapeur au sésame noir, de restaurant Magokoro à Paris (Source)

Earlier this week our French teacher showed us a number of articles titled ‘Japon – Le Perle du Paris’. I have to say that I’d never realised how popular Japanese culture has become in Paris, as well as how close Japan and France are as nations.
(On a side note: France has been very involved in trade and cultural exchange initiatives with Japan recently, possibly due to the former French president Jaques Chirac being a lover of Japanese culture, having visited Japan over 40 times and being an expert on the country. France and Japan are also known to share ideas with each other involving art and cuisine.)

Bento boîte, de restaurant Neobento à Paris

Bento boîte, de restaurant Neobento à Paris (Source)

Although the articles were about a number of things, the one that really caught my eye was about the popularity of Japanese cuisine in Paris, like sushi, bento, and other Japanese-style restaurants. I love Japanese food (even some of the more unusual foods, like eel sushi, or edamame), and I thought it was really interesting to see how popular that food is in Paris.
So that was an interesting  thing I learned the other day, and I hope you enjoyed learning about it (and looking at delicious pictures of the food) as much as I did!

À bientôt 🙂



  1. We have Le Japon in Trapani too …a new Chinese food which also serves Japanese food. Haven’t tried it yet. My husband is Japanese so I make Japanese food at home myself.

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