Band of the Week: Jack’s Mannequin

I have to be honest here.

Jack’s Mannequin are without a doubt one of my favourite bands of all time. Maybe it’s because of the smart, soulful blend of piano mixed with rock. Maybe it’s because of the lead singer Andrew McMahon’s deep, meaningful lyrics. Or maybe it’s because McMahon was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at the age of 22, and not only beat the cancer but came back with two more albums and founded a non-profit charity to raise funds for cancer research. Whatever way you look at it, this band is pretty awesome.


Andrew McMahon at centre

Jack’s Mannequin was an American rock band formed in 2004. It originally began as a solo project for Andrew McMahon, the former frontman of Something Corporate. Over the course of eight years they released three albums. In late 2012, it was announced that McMahon would discontinue releasing music under the Jack’s Mannequin name, preferring to use his own name instead.

You’ll love Jack’s Mannequin if you like ….

  • Something Corporate
  • Andrew McMahon
  • Valencia
  • The Format
  • The Rocket Summer
  • Augustana
  • The Starting Line
  • Matt Nathanson
  • The Academy Is …
  • Dashboard Confessional

Below is one of the singles from their first album, called ‘The Mixed Tape’

Don’t forget to check back next week for another Band of the Week post 🙂


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