‘Tombe La Neige’ or Why Men Shouldn’t Write Break-Up Songs

As another part of our ‘La Neige’ topic for French work this term, our teacher showed us an old song called ‘Tombe La Neige’ by a singer called Salvatore Adamo.
Unfortunately, it’s pretty awful. Take a look for yourself below.

At first it doesn’t sound too bad, but then the bizarre timing in the chorus is fairly off-putting, and if you look at the lyrics, and their translation, it only becomes worse. For example, take this part:

Tombe la neige

Tu ne viendras pas ce soir

Tombe la neige

Tout est blanc de désespoir

Triste certitude

Le froid et l’absence

Cet odieux silence

Blanche solitude

Which translates to:

Let it snow
You will not come tonight
Everything is white despair
Sad certainty
The cold and absence
This hideous silence
White loneliness

Wow. It looks like this guy might be taking his break-up a bit too hard. My advice? Don’t let men write break-up songs, because they will probably end up like ‘Tombe La Neige’.


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