Water Child

Moonlight trickles Underwater Sea Bubbles
Across the ocean
A ghostly, silent invader
Of the blackest abyss

Frightening creatures
Who live their lives
In the dark
And know nothing more

Rainbow fish
Who glide through the water
Colours transformed to grey
By the nighttime glow

Monolithic mammals
Who live life slowly
And are the gentlest mothers
Spouting water into the sea breeze air

Jagged teeth the size of your hand
That rip and shred and kill
And cold…. dead…. eyes
That stare without emotion into the dark

And the shark’s gentle cousin
Who soars through the water
And leaps through the air
Free from troubles

Unlike most of us

Water is lifeblood
It flows and ebbs
It heals
It changes

Like most of us

The girl watching, imagining
Wishes for more
But she knows that a life in the water is not for her.
In a way, she’s happy.

She will never soar through the air
Or flow like the water
Or burn like fire
Or become one with nature.

But she doesn’t care.
She has her own life to live.
And that’s good enough for her.


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